105 gas phase anti-rust stretch film series

Material properties

105 anti-rust stretch film is a perfect and extension of anti-rust plastic film products. It is a special anti-rust plastic film. It has the dual function of winding packaging and rust prevention, and its elongation can reach more than 300%. The product has the following characteristics:
·Excellent puncture resistance
·Excellent tight adhesion, “skin-fit” packaging
·High strength and good flexibility
·High transparency
·Automatic packaging can be realized, saving a lot of labor
· Partially replaces the strap, easy to identify the packaged object, reduce packaging cost
, easy to use, easy to remove
· Ultra-thin product, economical, especially suitable for automatic winding packaging of coils in the metallurgical industry

Technical Parameters

Product:   LLDPE stretch Film
Colour:  Clear Transparent (other colors can be customized according to customer’s requirements)
Size:  20MIC×500mm×400m

Testing Method
Test mode
Micron 20
Yield strength
yield coefficient
N/mm 2 ASTM D882-88 6.5
Tensile strength
tensile strength
ASTM D882-88 34
Puncture elongation
puncture extending
Mm 85
Tear resistance
rupture strength
mN ASTM D1922-67 140
Elongation at break (MD)
extension limit (longitudinal)
% ASTM D882-88 380
Guaranteed prestretch
guarantees the rate of delay
% 100
Average prestretch
% 110

NB:  The above properties represent typical laboratory data and should be considered as a guide only. The above information subject to without notice. The
above laboratory data is for reference only. Subject to change without notice.


This product is suitable for products requiring tight packaging and rust-proof packaging, such as steel coils, rings, ring parts, long rods, long strips and other metal products. Wrap by hand or machine to completely wrap the protected metal product to prevent water vapor intrusion.

Delivery form

Roll, carton or tray packaging.

Storage conditions

Cool, dry place, anti-sun. The original product has a maximum shelf life of 12 months.

Processing requirements

105 can be used directly as a substance, and contaminated membranes must be treated as waste.

Safety at Work

104 is not classified as hazardous. See the Safety Data Sheet for information.

The above description corresponds only to the situation at the time, not absolute, and must correspond to local conditions. Therefore, we do not assume legal responsibility. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.