313 high temperature resistant rust series

Product description

High-temperature anti-rust film made of anti-rust masterbatch and other resin materials, adding appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., by kneading, calendering, vacuum absorbing and other processes. It has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture proof, flame retardant, simple construction and high temperature resistance up to 200 degrees. It is used for workshop turnover packaging materials, transparent, heat sealable, recyclable and degradable. 

The plastic film always releases the minimum amount of rust-preventing particles into the air of the package. The faster the temperature rises, the more rust-proof particles adhere to the surface of the packaged object, even the metal surface that cannot be touched. It is protected, cut off the water vapor, oxygen and other substances in the air to contact with metal objects, destroying the mechanism of corrosion, thus achieving the anti-rust effect. The distance from the film to the metal varies depending on the package volume and the allowable time to form the protective gas layer, roughly 10-30 cm.

Product performance1. It has excellent anti-rust performance, anti-rust period can reach more than 2 years;  
2. Anti-rust particles can penetrate into all corners of the package, and can achieve better anti-rust in areas that cannot be treated by other anti-rust products. effect;  
3, no rust preventive oil painting, brushing and degreasing step is omitted, a clean working environment clean;  
4, the weld may be strong, good toughness, transparent appearance, can directly observe the status of the product;  
5, saving labor, Time, cost saving and environmentally friendly.

Field of application

Automotive sector: body, engine, flywheel, brake disc and various steel parts. 
Electronic appliances: control panels, computers, motors, communication equipment, electronic components, etc. 
Precision machinery: precision molds, watch parts, medical equipment, etc. 
Heavy machinery: various large machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation machinery, boiler machinery, etc. 
Military field: all kinds of guns, ammunition and other military materials that need rust prevention and long-term inventory. 
Marine and aerospace: engines, engines, motors, turbines, etc. 
Other: bearings, hand tools, drill bits, power tools, etc.

Precautions for use

1. The product must be sealed and packaged; 
2. The product must be clean and rust-free before packaging; 
3. Wear gloves when packaging the product to avoid direct contact between the hand and the part; 
4. Before the packaging, consider whether the product has undergone other chemistry. 
5. Handling products should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius; 
6. Avoid open air operations, avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to moisture and rain and fog; 
7. If the package is too large or the surface area of ​​the product to be protected is too large, it needs to be supplemented. agent; 
8. for the unused part of the anti-rust products, should be promptly sealed and stored.

Applicable metal

Newly developed steel, cast iron, cadmium and alloy, stainless steel, electroplated metal, chrome and alloy, tin and alloy, zinc alloy, nickel alloy  company: anti-rust film for silver, copper, gold and aluminum

Rust prevention period

2 years, depending on the situation, up to 5 years – 10 years

Storage method

Store in a dry, cool place, avoid contact with chemicals, and avoid direct sunlight. 

Product Category

According to customer requirements, it can be made into sheet, roll, flat pocket, M bag, three-dimensional bag