400 gas phase rustproof sheet

Material characteristics:

Guard-Chips anti-rust paper is a fiberboard/corrugated board that is cut or stamped according to different size requirements and impregnated with a gas phase rust inhibitor. It will always release a small amount of rust inhibitor (VCI definition: volatile rust inhibitor). The paper is placed in a closed package or container, and a gas protective layer is formed in the package, which can effectively inhibit the corrosion of the metal product.

Protective metal:

G-Chips: steel, cast iron, chrome, pure tin, pure aluminum. Care should be taken with regard to cadmium, lead, copper and its alloys, solder, magnesium, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten and zinc.

M-Chips: Steel, copper and its alloys, brass, bronze, pure aluminum, pure tin, chromium. Use caution for zinc, nickel, lead, tin, magnesium, tungsten, molybdenum, etc. and their alloys.


Guard should be placed or hung in a relatively closed package or a thick hollow wall. The tighter the rust-proof period, the longer. The product can be cut or stamped into smaller or larger sizes for different outer packaging sizes.

The distance between the Guard and Chips rust-proof paper depends on the length of the package and the length of time it takes for the protective layer to form. Under normal circumstances: the distance of 30 cm can achieve complete rust protection for steel after 15 minutes, and the rust protection of copper and its alloy can be achieved after 12 hours.

The metal should be clean and dry when packaged.  

The Guard-Chips product can be used for the purposes described above (metal castings that require packaging/preservation). Our company does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by improper use and cannot guarantee its effectiveness.

Protection period:

In a closed container for up to 3 years.

product advantages:

1. VCI gasification particles penetrate into the interior of parts that are difficult to apply, and can handle pores that cannot be treated by general rust inhibitors/oil.

2. The anti-rust particles are slowly vaporized inside the anti-rust paper, and the anti-rust effect is exerted for a long time, which is safe and pollution-free.

3. The high-performance special oxidizing rust inhibitor is evenly blended inside the rust-proof paper, and the rust-proof effect is quickly exerted after packaging. And the rust prevention period is long, up to 3 years.

4, no need to apply anti-rust oil, clean working environment, no application and degreasing and degreasing work procedures, can save investment, labor costs, workload, working time, so it is very economical and practical.

5. Compared with vacuum packaging, the packaging materials are cheap, the packaging method is simple, and the effect is similar.

6. It has good gasification performance, and it does not need to be in direct contact with the workpiece. Even if it is in contact, it will not be crystallized on the surface of the workpiece.

7. It is convenient to pack. After unpacking, the workpiece can be assembled directly or reprocessed without having to clean it again.


1. The surface of the anti-rust paper and the anti-rust material should be in close contact as much as possible. There should be no obstruction between the two. Under normal circumstances: the distance of 30 cm can reach complete anti-rust protection after 15 minutes;

2. The surface of the anti-rust material before packaging should be clean, dry and free of foreign matter. With it, it is not necessary to get on the oil. Metal parts can be used at any time without cleaning;

3. If the surface of the anti-rust object is regular, the full coverage of the monomer (the area of ​​the gas-phase anti-rust paper is similar to the surface area of ​​the article) can be used, and the interface is sealed. It is also possible to use a vapor phase rustproof paper as a lining or a spacer paper in a sealed packaging unit (such as a turnover box, a plastic bag, or the like). The tighter the outer packaging, the better the rust protection;

4. Wear clean gloves when packing. Do not touch the rust-proof items with bare hands.

Our company does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by improper use and cannot guarantee its effectiveness.


*According to the relatively small volatile area of ​​Chips, the release rate of rust inhibitors is relatively slow. In addition, the use of the product is also related to the packaging container.

Shape-dependent, usually long and narrow packaging will have an effect on the best volatilization effect. Therefore, when the space to be protected is about 100 liters, the Chips should be calculated according to 10 cm2/L. Usually it is 5cm2/L. Please consult our technical staff for the specific dosage.


Store in a dry, cool place, avoid contact with chemicals, and avoid direct sunlight.

Waste treatment:

After the abandonment, the base paper can be degraded, but the plastic woven cloth and the PE film (the film formed by the low-density polyethylene hot-melt flow) are not degradable, and will cause environmental pollution after being discarded, and after the paper-plastic separation after recycling, the paper Recycling can be achieved by recycling paper, and plastic woven fabric and PE film can be regranulated to achieve resource reuse.