Air Powered Tubular Terminal Crimper

Mophorn Pneumatic Crimper Plier Machine AM-10, Air Powered Wire Terminal  Crimping Machine Crimping Up to 16mm2, Pneumatic Crimping Tool 0.4-1Mpa,  for Many Kinds of Terminals - -

The pneumatic tubular terminal crimping machine is driven by a dual-action normal cylinder, which has the advantages of good crimping force, high speed and high efficiency. The machine is suitable for crimping insulated and uninsulated cable end sleeves. Accessories: One foot air valve, two air tubes.

  • The traditional fixed mould is replaced by the hexagonal crimping mould, which may perform flexible crimp connection to tubular insulated terminals.
  • Since the hexagon can be adjusted steplessly, the crimping specification can be set freely within 0.08-6mm2.(As Step 2)
  • After crimping, the terminals look beautiful in hexagon without any flash edge.