Automatic Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

EASTON EA03B Computerized Automatic Cable Wire Cutting Stripping Machine  with Wire Cross Section of 0.1-8mm2 - -

This fully automatic wire and cable cutting and stripping machine is suitable for processing of multi-strand copper wires, coaxial cables, and sheathed cables up to 35 sq mm.

  • This machine adopts 8-wheel drive, bilateral pressing wheels, strong power and high precision. The belt feeding system can ensure that the wire surface is not damaged.
  • The pressing force of the inlet wheel and the outlet wheel can be directly set in the program, without the need to manually adjust the pressure of the wheels. The outlet wheel also has the function of automatic lifting. The outlet wheel can automatically lift up to avoid when the wire is stripped. Therefore, the stripping length range of the wire head is greatly increased. The lifting height of the outlet wheel can also be directly set in the program.
  • The color touch screen operation interface, the parameters are intuitive and easy to understand, you can quickly operate the machine with simple training; the machine also has a three-layer stripping program, which can be divided into three layers, or when the stripping length is long, the maximum number of points Three times of peeling; 100 groups of program memory functions are provided, and the processing parameters of different wires can be stored in different program numbers.
  • It can be equipped with branching jigs, cutting jigs, and ink-jet printers.