Purchasing old machinery and scrap

Liquidation of old machinery  Megawaygroup is a leading company in the field of purchasing industrial waste for recycling and scrap export industries, we specialize in receiving long-term contracts to buy used machinery from companies, enterprises nationwide.

Megawaygroup commits that customers will receive the best price – a quick payment method with the most enthusiastic cooperation.

Megawaygroup  Company’s procurement process for scrap machinery:

When the Company receives the information from you, we will send the staff down to check the quality of the materials, assess the evaluation so that the price of waste disposal will be up to you at the best price. After the parties agree on the price, we will conclude to cover all the scrap that the unit wants to liquidate. From there, create a strong relationship between us and customers.

When the contract is up, the company will let the waste transporter come to work. In the process, we will conduct transactions in various forms such as cash transfer or direct payment.