Cable Twisting Machine

Simi-stripped Wire Twisting Machine Wire Stripping And Twisting Machine110V  767421695429 | eBay

The cable twisting machine is small and easy to move, featuring low voice and fast speed. It is suitable for twisting single conductor multi-strand copper cable, electronic wires, multi-core wires, and AC/DC power cords. Please note that this machine only has wire twisting function, and the wire must be half-stripped in advance before using this machine.

  • Electric control, used for wire twisting
  • Adjustable height, suitable for twisting wires of different diameters
  • Low noise, stable performance, high work efficiency
  • Twisting length: within 20mm
  • Applicable wire diameter: 1-3mm
  • The twisting effect can meet the requirements of different customers, and the twisted wire is not easy to loosen.
  • The thickness of the roller tooth pattern can be configured as required.