Cat 5 Cat 6 Ethernet Pair Cables Straightener Tool

China Wl-Cx60 Cat 6 UTP Cable Processing Machines Internet Cable Pair  Untwisting Machine - China Machine for UTP Cable, Cat 6 UTP Cable  Processing Machines

The ethernet networking cable straighten machine can quickly and effectively straighten, untwist the pairs of ETHERNET/Data Cable without damaging or stretching them.

  • The ethernet cables straightener tool works much like a comb. With a swiping motion, the machine effectively untwists and straightens the pairs. You are now ready to line the colors up correctly and terminate.
  • Application: HDMI cable, multi-core industrial control line, multi-core Type C cables, USB 3.1 wire, Cat-5 Cat-6 ethernet cables.
  • Easy to operate, quick to get started, saving time and effort.
  • Quality assurance, durable, tough, and long-lasting.