G black metal protection series

Material properties

The G ferrous metal protection series will always release a small amount of rust inhibitor (defines a volatile rust inhibitor). After packaging with this paper, a gas protective layer is formed in the package, which can reliably suppress the rust of the ferrous metal product. G series anti-rust paper has anti-rust effect in direct contact with ferrous metal and within a certain distance.


Black metal parts that require rust protection during transportation and storage should be packaged with G series paper (eg simple wrapped metal parts, covered with the entire container and intermediate liner).

The distance between the G series rustproof paper and the metal depends on the package volume and the length of time the protective gas layer is formed. Under normal circumstances: 30 cm distance can achieve complete rust protection after 15 minutes. The tighter the outer packaging, the better the rust protection. With it, it is not necessary to get on the oil.

The ferrous metal parts do not need to be cleaned and can be used at any time. The packaging is also rust-proof. Simple, safe and environmentally friendly. Black metal parts should be cleaned and dried when packaged.

G series anti-rust paper products can be used for the above-mentioned purposes (multi-metal parts to be packaged/preserved). Our company does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by improper use and cannot guarantee its effectiveness.

Scope of protection

G black metal protection series

Steel and iron rust protection. Be careful when using cadmium , nickel , lead , solder , magnesium , tungsten, etc. and their alloys.

For demanding rust-proof objects such as cast iron, we recommend the use of M series rust-proof paper. Protection period: castings are 12 months, steel and iron are 18 months.

Delivery form

Web, sheet of paper.

There are also many special models available, such as:

G60 About 60g / square meter Flat paper
G80 About 80g / square meter Flat paper
G110 About 110g / square meter Wrinkled paper
G165PC About 165g / square meter Woven fabric composite paper
G60PO About 60g / square meter Polyethylene coated paper
G80PO About 80g / square meter Polyethylene coated paper


Store in a cool, dry place to avoid sun exposure. The longest storage period of the original packaging: 12 months

 Work safety

G ferrous metal series rustproof paper does not contain any dangerous substances

During the use process, you should pay attention to good ventilation. Do not eat or drink while working. Do not store food at the work place. Wash your hands and wash your face after work.