Grid anti-static tape NKSGT-06

Grid anti-static tape NKSGT-06, can greatly reduce the surface resistance of PP tape, can play to eliminate static electricity to prevent damage caused by dust particles on the electronic products; products, cleaning products, high adhesion, soft break, and then either leave no residue. Application of electrostatic sensitive devices; electronic passive components processing anti-static clothing logos; IT industry.

Grid anti-static tape NKSGT-06 and PE foam tape adhesive similar to that of anti-static tape features a grid;

★ The use of this product can significantly reduce the PP tape surface resistance, can play to eliminate static electricity to prevent damages caused by dust particles on the electronics;

★ Protect products, cleaning products;

★ High adhesive ability, soft, docile, and then peel off residual adhesive.

Areas of application:

★ Paste of electrostatic sensitive devices;

¡Ï electronic passive components and processing;

★ Anti-static clothing logos;

★ IT industry.

Storage conditions and expiry date:

1and the best storage conditions: avoid direct sunlight, temperature 10-30 ℃, humidity is less than 70%;

2, and use the product within 12 months after the date of manufacture, can be used for best performance. to direct sunlight, high temperatures (over 40 c) and high humidity (more than 70%RH) and low temperature (0 c) conditions for a 12-month guarantee.


1, the value of present technical information documents make reference, without specifications of the product guarantee.

2, make for special occasions when, please test to confirm.

Product introduction: This products for imports raw materials products, the products advantages is, paste edge and was stick surface fitting dense, almost no paint penetration may, so brushing edge line wallpaper. While special of paper base and the adhesive formula, makes the products resistance temperature sex, and resistance waiting sex, and paste stick degrees are far good Yu General beauty lines paper, so, the products will became future high-end decoration in the application most widely of separations tape one of. applies Yu: used and paper for base material, paper quality soft, for movement equipment, and oak, and plastic parts and the construction site, and indoor , And outside decoration, and decoration spray, and brush paint Shi covered uses. viscous moderate, on most of smooth surface, and bent or corner at has is good of posted attached sex and the covered sex, job sex good, using Hou fast tore except, not left residual rubber. early stick force good, and has good of holding stick force, easy stick attached Yu various surface, intensity low, can put covered film, and covered paper firm to fixed in need of location, avoid sliding, off,.