Label Paper

Thermal Papers offers up to 12 years image durability* and is highly resistant to environmental exposure, making it particularly stable and durable. Good print head performance with an attractive price-performance value, it is an ideal product for those who appreciate clear, durable prints and the compelling advantages of one of the best thermal paper available in the market.

  • Up to 12 years image durability*
  • Image printout will not fade or blur easily
  • Very sharp and dark image density (1.6 dE and above – no white spots)
  • Excellent protection against environmental factors
  • Super smooth paper surface
  • Less paper dust, hence longer print head lifespan
  • Excellent barcode scannability
  • Free end roll – paper end is not glued to the core
  • Clean and precise end mark (customised end mark available)
  • Transparent shrink wrap packing
    • Easier to view the roll & core diameter
    • To protect the roll from moisture, water & dust

* Subject to handling and storage conditions stated on specification sheet