PE Medical Dressing Film/Apertured Films


PE Medical Dressing Film/Apertured FilmsApertured Films/Medical PE Film

Physical Properties Instruction:

Weight: 18-25g/㎡

Width: 50-1270 mm

Thickness: 130μm

Melting Point:125℃

Air Permeability: 2470*10-3  m³/m²*s

Features & Benefits:

25 gsm apertured films with Excellent water wash resistance, dry clean resistance and breathability(many small pinholes), used in bonding of interlining and clothing.

Apertured films can also be co-extruded to serve as adhesive bonding layers.  Zhanpeng is used for cost-effective tack bonding,laminating, a combination of tack bonding and laminating, or surface modification.

For example, our apertured film can provide a non-adheant layer for wound pads, a flexible surface layer for medical face masks or an outer dust release layer in air filtration applications.  From cheese production and fabric bonding to pollination and gardening applications, apertured films can be used alone or in composite form laminated to different substrates.

We understand that every customer has specific film requirements, so whether you are improving an old product or developing something completely new, contact our team and let us collaborate on your next product development project.