PE release liners

Where flexibility and elongation are required, PE is the ideal support for release liners. Siliconature product portfolio includes both HDPE and LDPE and considering the different types of silicones  – both Solvent less UV and Solvent – we can offer a wide range of products and solutions for any application.

SILTHENE PE silicone coatings

Silthene is the Siliconature brand for siliconized liners in polyethylene.  Available PE films:

– HDPE – High Density Polyethylene
– LDPE – Polyethylene Low Density

Silthene is available in different colors and thicknesses


Solvent silicones, catalyzed by Pt, are extremely stable over time for both premium and tight release versions. Stability over time makes these silicones perfect for applications with modified acrylic adhesives and other. Solvent technology also allows a wide range of release values, achieving also very high release values.


Due to the low thermal resistance of PE films, silicone thermal curing is extremely difficult and limits the specifications of the liner.  UV solvent less silicones, both cationic and radical, meet this requirement because they do not require thermal curing.