Protection of Factory and Industrial Zones


 Megaway   industrial park security services are appreciated by many customers for the quality of security services: Professional – Prestige – Safety.

The industrial park with many factories and enterprises is one of the favorable conditions to create many opportunities for economic development of the country, an environment that creates jobs for thousands of households. It is also because of the crowded, many workers and unskilled workers that the security situation of the industrial park is quite complicated, requiring a staff of specialized industrial park guards. career.

With the experience already in the field of factory factory protection, the protection team is well-trained and ethical at work, Megaway Security has become a security and tournament service provider,top security solutions.

In order to ensure that employees work according to customer requirements and the order of work, the Company has set out specific tasks for industrial park security guards as follows:

Ensuring security and order in combination with patrol forces, alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

Protect the safety of factory officials and employees.

Property protection. Performing tasks on statistics, import and export of goods.

Preventing risks such as labor accidents, fire and explosion ….

Security guards are on patrol duty in the industrial park

  • Protection mission at the Main Gate

Ensuring security in the main gate area, checking and controlling vehicles and goods coming in and out of the gate.

Record the import and export documents of goods into the import and export books.

Keep necessary documents, when delivering and receiving shifts, they must hand over in detail.

Receiving mail from the postal worker handover to the people or parts of the factory.

When there is a power outage outside office hours, security guards at the gate location must close the gate for anyone from outside to enter the factory or export goods from the factory to the outside.

Enhancing observation to detect and prevent intruders from breaking into factories through fences or crooks to steal goods, materials and materials dispersed to the outside.

Proceeding to arrest and make records of cases of law violation or illegally entering a factory to steal or destroy property and notify the competent person of the managing unit of the settlement. .

If there is an incident in the factory, security guards must seize material evidence, make a report and report it to the competent person of the managing unit. If serious incidents occur, they must be kept intact for investigation purposes. Guests contacting to work with the factory or visit must be authorized by the manager or make an appointment, the main gate is responsible for guiding guests into the factory. If the visitor arrives unexpectedly, the security guard must contact the person requested to see if the guest has a guest or leave an appointment for the guest. When approved by the Superintendent, the patrol guard is responsible for providing the guest card and leading the visitor to the department or person to meet. All goods and supplies, guests brought into and out of the factory to guide them to carry out the registration procedures as prescribed and must allow the new owner to bring in or bring out. Summarize and record carefully, specific handover cases after unsolved cases.

  • Checking workers in and out of the factory

Check name cards, workwear uniforms, bags and other protective equipment for workers when entering or leaving the factory. Workers must register valuables in the security room.

Checking when workers leave, if there is suspicion (there is a basis), security guards will ask to check and seize the evidence and make a report at the same time to the authorized person of the managing unit. know to handle.

All vehicles of the entry and exit workers must be issued with a card and placed in the correct position as prescribed by the factory.

Workers and guards are forbidden to drink alcohol or use stimulants when entering factories to work. Specific notes on the situation of security in the shift and handover to the shift after the time is out for those cases that have not been resolved yet

  • Patrol Mission

Security guards are on patrol duty in the industrial park The task is to observe the overall security situation of the entire factory.

Check sealing status, locks, areas at high risk of intrusion and fire. Support for port location or truck arrangement location when there is pressure on the job. Making records of workers, drivers, loading … violating the rules and regulations of the factory such as smoking, driving in the factory, fighting, drinking, assaulting company leaders