RTV2 silicone rubber


Megawaygroup offers a full range of silicone rubber, room temperature vulcanized (RTV2)
materials, for model and mold making. RTV2 silicone rubber is ideal for use in mold
making applications including: rapid prototyping, jewelry, glass art, art sculpture, and
concrete molding.
RTV2 silicone rubber is platinum-curing and composed of two components, base and
catalyst, that mix together and vulcanize at room temperature.
Why use RTV2 Silicone Rubber?
• High dimensional stability over time
• Easy to use
• Most stable polymers available, offering superior reliability
• Vulcanization time can be adjusted, allowing flexible application
• Suited to polyurethane casting materials
• Products are non-toxic
• 1:1 mixing ratio formulas provide easy mixing
• 10:1 mixing ratio formula for transparency
RTV2 Silicone Rubbers Provide
• Excellent durability over time
• Excellent stability over time
• Zero shrinkage
• Mixing ease
• Increased production speed
Important Application Tip
Be aware that contact with certain material can inhibit the curing of the RTV2 polyaddition silicone rubber. Common contaminants to be avoided include:
• Natural or synthetic rubber, vulcanized with sulphur derivatives
• Poly-condensation RTV catalyzed with metallic salts
• PVC stabilizing agents
• Amine cured epoxies
• Sulphur, tin and amines derivatives
In case of doubt, carry out a small test by pouring the mixture onto a small area of the object.