Sky Blue Image Thermal Paper

Megawaygroup  introduces BLUE Image Thermal Paper for end users who require clearer and clean image quality to bring a whole new experience in thermal imaging to the market. Although black is predominant in the thermal print image, now BLUE is also available as a new option. A vivid BLUE colour provides a new, refreshing and exciting colour. It is a very popular choice of thermal paper for a wide variety of end-use applications including cash register, credit card, Q-matic and other devices.


  • Blue colour, unique and refreshing image
  • Pre-printed with branding start mark
  • Barcode printable
  • Free end roll – paper end is not glued to the core
  • Clean and precise end mark (customised end mark available)
  • Transparent shrink wrap packing
    • Easier to view the roll & core diameter
    • To protect the roll from moisture, water & dust