Standard Grade Thermal Paper Roll


  • Available coreless, with plastic or paper core
  • Dark & sharp image print out
  • Provides standard sensitivity & image durability between 3-5 years*
  • Competitive pricing
  • Various paper thicknesses available (48gsm to 80gsm)
  • Free end roll – paper end is not glued to core
  • Clean and precise end mark (customised end mark available)
  • Transparent shrink wrap packing
    • easier to view the roll & core diameter
    • to protect the roll from moisture, water & dust

Suitable applications:

  • Receipt rolls
  • ATM rolls
  • Fax rolls
  • Toll tickets

* Subject to handling and storage conditions stated on specification sheet


With more than 100 colours to choose from, distinguish your business from the competition with our coloured (tinted) thermal paper.

thermal-standard-pinkPink (Pantone 2365)
thermal-standard-greenGreen (Pantone 331)
thermal-standard-blueBlue (Pantone 277)
thermal-standard-orangeOrange (Pantone 137)
thermal-standard-yellowYellow (Pantone 100)