Tin cure silicone

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Description of tin cure silicone:
Tin cure silicone silicone rubber also call condensation cure silicone or RTV-2 silicone rubber.
It’s generally named as two part silicone rubber , Part A is a flowable liquid, part B is the curing agent or catalyst . It’s mainly used for mold making, electronic potting, pad printing.

Application of tin cure silicone:

Mold making for concrete stone,GRC, gypsum decoration, plaster ornaments, fiberglass products, polyester decoration, unsaturated resin crafts, polyresin crafts, polyurethane, bronze, wax, candle, and similar products.

Feature of tin cure silicone for mold making:
1.Good characteristics of easy-operation
2.Good tear and tensile strength
3.Low shrinkage
4.High temperature resistance: 100-150C
5.Durable and can be used hundreds of times
6.Adjustable Hardness for customers’ requirements