TPU Elastic Melt-blown Non-Woven Fabric

TPU Elastic patch dressing
TPU Elastic Non-Woven FabricTPU Elastic Melt-blown Non-Woven Fabric

Construction: TPU Comfort Stretch Non-woven
Weight: 30 GSM (No Carrier)
Width: 40-1600 MM
Color: Black、White、Skin or Custom-Made
    Vertical     Horizontal
Initial Size(CM):           3          3
Max Tension(N):          6.2          5.7
Broken Size(CM):          13.4          13.8
Tensile Strength(GF/2CM):          632          581
Elongation:          3.47          3.6
50% Elasticity Recovery:          0.93          0.93


Features & Benefits:


Meets OEKO-TEX®Standard 100

TPU high Elastic Melt-blown Non-Woven Fabric,20-450 g/㎡,max width 1600 mm in roll

Ideal for Medical Dressing / Wound Plaster Substrates / Kinesiology Tape / Disposable Diapers waistline / Leatherette Substrate / Ladies stretch pants / Elastic medical wound tape / dressing / bandage ,Automotive trim instead of PVC or leather (nontoxic,environmental-friendly,no smelling pollution)

Base cloth of first-aid dressing
Base cloth of surgical tape and other medical tapes.