Truck and Car Rental


Megaway transport provides Hanoi truck rental service from 1 ton to 25 ton, including car rental, monthly rental and self-drive car rental.

The car body is sure to be clean, leak-proof, water-proof, especially with oversized long-wheeled bodies suitable for carrying heavy, iron and super-heavy cargo, serving all inner-city routes or go to the North Central , South province, short-term, long-term lease, or trip. Customers can rent a car in the form of self-driving or hire our full service with a team of experienced enthusiastic drivers who can handle customs procedures at ports and border gates to ensure price rent is 5-10% cheaper than market

Types of rental trucks:

1 ton Truck, 1.5 ton truck,  2.5 ton truck,  5 ton truck, 8 tons Truck, 13 tons Truck,  16 tons Truck,  25 tons Truck.


With a team of quality new vehicles that are completely invested, we always meet the demand for car rental in Hanoi with long-term demand to transport employees, to serve reasonable and fast travel from 4 seats 7 seats, 16 seats, 29 seats up to 45 convenient places for your company.

The motto that we are serving:

Always attentive service, put the safety of customers first.

Always on time, professional service according to customer needs.

Car rental service with experienced, fun, always driving team …

Flexibly meet the specific requirements of customers on shuttle services.

With the motto of safety above all, Megawaygroup Company always develops and strives constantly to make the service more and more modern and scientific towards many companies. Always set customer satisfaction criteria first, ensure punctuality, travel schedule of employees of companies.