Ultra thin long green material glass cloth tape

★ Can withstand 260 ° high temperature, insulation, corrosion can prevent more chemicals, outdoor applications, good weather resistance. ★ Special motors, transformer winding insulation protection, and high-temperature coating.

Tape products Description:

Glass cloth tape is to 0.13mm thick imports glass cloth coated cloth high performance silicone and into, tape with rubber thickness 0.18mm ± 0.02mm, products has resistance temperature sex good (-40 ℃ ~260 ℃) equivalent Yu high temperature PET tape , and paste force strong, and tough resistance tore, characteristics, and application Yu h level heat insulation lashing, and various high temperature spray sand protection and lithium manganese battery insulation dressing, high strength insulation protection. for air conditioning electrical, car electronic, digital electronic, resistance high temperature insulation protection occasions.

Product features:

1, good thermal stability, long-term work in a 180 c, can withstand 260 ℃ high temperature for a short time.

2, soft, tear-resistant, strong adhesion, deformation, suitable for all kinds of profiles surface protection.

3, glue residue, and cured at high temperatures for a long time when the tear tape without leaving any residue.

4, high mechanical strength, suitable for coil cover the relationship.


1, high temperature resistant glass cloth tape can withstand long-term 180 ℃ high temperature, and tensile strength, strong adhesion, used heavily in h class motor and transformer coil lead wire wrap.

2, explosion-proof leakage-proof glass cloth tape, used extensively for high energy lithium-ion battery insulating wrap.

3, can be used for a variety of protective sand under high temperature and high temperature masking protection.

Product comparison:

Battery easy to pull glue, also known as easy open, Lala adhesive, removable belt, thick white base material is a 0.15MM film, with transverse tensile removed after use, this film has a stable and excellent adhesion strength, pull out when plastic, no adhesive residue. Battery easy pulled rubber can permanent of stick with Yu a a parts, makes the parts in account moved except Hou can recycling or repair. like with in phone battery of fixed Shang, can bonded phone battery covered body, to need recycling or maintenance damaged of battery Shi, can pull tape Hou easily moved except battery. can temporary for electronic products of Assembly process in the of fixed, has stable of sealed effect. Dang using in contains plasticizer of based surface Shi needed carefully check confirmed stick with sex.