UV protective film PET wafer cutting protection membrane

UV protective film is a cohesive quickly under UV light signs of ultra-high viscosity of PET protective film. With PET film as base material, light glue coating and laminating film and PTT film.

UV protective film Features:

Professional UV protective films subvert the normal protective film viscosity fixed properties, its high viscosity solutions of protective film glue problem can be solved.

1, cutting, high adhesion , exposure to UV low viscosity after picking up chips do not fly , no residue.

2, irradiation UV reaction time, improve working efficiency.

3, maintaining full grain cutting, (no loss of grain) less cutting of the moulder.

4, ensure that grain in the normal transfer process , no displacement, drop, water will not penetrate the grain between the tape.

5, with the appropriate expansion.

6, according to customer needs in different process of UV coating and the provision of special size product.

8, excellent cut, loaded.

9, support for low-temperature wafer back paste

During transport and storage considerations

1, photophobic. visible light can also cause slow curing glue, therefore they cannot be exposed to the air for a long time.

2, dampproof. glue after moisture absorption performance will decline, which could not open the bottle for a long time.

3, at room temperature. when the temperature is above 80 degrees, can cause chemical reactions, therefore glue for too long in a hot place.

4, keep clean. the tape surface viscosity of paste will be before oil, dust, moisture, wipe.

5, avoid touching glue surface. use do not directly touch the adhesive surface of the tape by hand.

6, avoiding secondary use. incorrect location, please use the new tape, avoid tape used again.

Note: the products according to customer’s special needs , and viscosity of various thickness and anti-static treatment , die-cut processing. detailed technical parameters can be obtained from the customer service staff.

Product comparison:

OCA optical cement is an optically transparent layer of special double sided carpet tape, its high light transmission rate, and reduces glare, increase display. screen brightness and provides high transmission rate, increase the contrast in bright light, surface smooth, soft and stiff the colloid properties of different to better meet the needs of different customer product design.

Product features:

Reduce glare, increase LCD Brightness and increase light transmission rate, and reduced energy consumption.

Resistant to UV light, increasing the contrast, especially under strong light contrast.

Without refraction, Newton’s rings.

Smooth surface, avoid glue uneven thickness after lamination.