VCI Film

VCI film is made with super quality LDPE&LLDPE combining with  Master batch that provides cost-effective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for ferrous&non-ferrous metals in shipping and storage.

We can provide you VCI film,VCI Shrink film,VCI stretch film,VCI bubble film,VCI anti-static film,VCI anti-UV film. VCI BAGS are also available in a variety of forms such as: VCI bag, VCI zipper bags, VCI gusset bag, VCI heat sealable bag, VCI anti-static bag, VCI shrink bag, VCI bubble bag, VCI 3D bag,VCI foam bag and custom size bag.


Types Metal Protection  Size&Ranges


Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals Available in various sized rolls, sheets, tubing and bags. Available colors: Blue, Yellow,Green, White clear&Pink. Additional colors are available upon request.Standard thickness is from 0.02mm to 0.3mm.


Ferrous metals,Iron&Steels
3100-1-F VCI stretch film for most non-ferrous metals