VCI Masterbatch

VCI MASTERBATCH additive is LLDPE based,white cut bead, that can be blended with many polyethylene resins (LDPE/ LLDPE/ HDPE / PP) to produce a range of anti-corrosion packaging systems like Blown Film / Molding / Stretch film. It is safe and does not require any changes in the manufacturing process.

VCI Masterbatch is environmental friendly and Nitrite free.

Types Metals protect Dosage


Non-ferrous metals 2%–4%


Ferrous metals 2%-4%
3100-1 VCI stretch film additive 2%-4%
3100-2 Copper&silver 2%-4%


Typical Physical Characteristics:
1. Appearance: white cut bead
2. Carrier Resin: LDPE/LLDPE
3. A little odor
4. Temperature: ≤190
5. Term of corrosion inhibition: more than 2 years

20kgs/Carton,25kgs/Carton, 50kgs/Carton

Storage & Shelf Life
Storage: Store indoors at moderate temperatures5—35 C. Keep packing closed and store away from heat sources, in dry and cool place.
Materials should be kept in original packaging or equivalent during storage Shelf Life: up to 18 or 24 months.